Unique Portable Staging LLC

The "Godzilla" Stage - 53' x 35'



  • 4' Stage Height
  • 17' roof height (from stage floor)
  • non-skid stage surface
  • drum riser and speaker wings



 ideal for: huge outdoor events, large audiences, tour packages, national acts 

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The "Main" Stage - 35' x 24'



Our most popular stage features a hydraulic fold. Minimal staffing is require. 

1-    Hydraulic Folding Platform Stage (35’W x 24’D x 42”H)

2-    Speaker Wings (8’W x 6’D x 42”H up to 16’ L)

1-    Drum Riser (8’W x 8’D x 24”H)

1-    Framed Vinyl Cover (35’W x 24’D)

1-    Wind Screen Backdrop (35’W x 20’H)

Ideal for: festivals, fairs, rising stars, national acts and almost any other occasion.

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The Medium Stage 32' x 22'

The Small Stage 24' x 15'

Our mid-size stage also features a hydraulic set up. Minimal staffing with quick set up and tear down.



Dimensions: 24W'x15'Dx3'H


Ideal for: festivals, and inside a tent. 

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Platform Staging

Our platform staging is our most versatile setup.

 Platforms are placed together in 8 ft. segments.

Various shapes and sizes can be made. 



Ideal for: small indoor events. graduation ceremonies, wedding receptions, etc. 

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Remember to call Chris at (419)-680-0177 for stage availability. Prices vary on venue location, dates, and specific requirements.